What is Droid?

Droid is automation of repeat tasks. Handled by AI – ML driven automation for routine organizational processes to meet current and ongoing business needs.

Why not introduce latest technology in current practices?

Can bring Droid into work culture and reap rewards of superior experience in day-to-day practices.

What can you achieve with Droid?

Reduce manual involvement in mundane tasks.
Automation can benefit organizations of resource productivity.
Can get resources confident to work on more challenging tasks.
Also, savings on APIs or 3rd party integration costs.

Accurate, Consistent & Fast

Bots are reliable, and consistent and do not whine when expected to work tirelessly. Bots follow all rules to the dots producing 100% accuracy

Active round the clock

Bots work 24/7 & take no vacations. The good thing about them is they learn with built in AI, ML & NLP capabilities & become wise without tiring. More it operates, more accurate & efficient it becomes

Quick & Easy to Deploy

Droid automation tool set is quick & light to implement & can automate a specific small process with a single bot and can be used to automate a complex process by incorporating individual bots with seamless handshake b/w these bots operating in sequence with cohesiveness to achieve desired state of automation

Enhanced Productivity

Bots frees employees from mundane tasks & enables them to focus more on clients, building relationships which eventually means better business

Faster ROI

Droid is quick & light to implement & gets going within few hours to get operations ensuring a quick ROI

Central Control

Control Center to monitor logs

Control Center can configure BOT for enhanced/varied output


Our Digital Transformation Tools to
solve your problems

File Transfer

Automates transfer of files b/w locations, FTP/sFTP


Automate routine email sending capabilities


Automates reconciliation of data b/w Excel files


Automates feeding inputs & submit web forms


Automates extracting of information from different files


Read particular mailbox, and get sender, subject, email body content and all attachments


Automates CSV operations in terms of executing operational and performance scripts


Create table of value from web content, can download excel file, can download table from within web content


Traverse various web sites, and fetch web content; it can also traverse complete list of web pages within domain; download all pages as PDF


Extracts unstructured order information from Excel/CSV & process a sales order into your ERP systems

Use Cases

Order BOT

Business Problem
High Order Volume with Lengthy Processing
Increased Costs and Manpower During Month-End Order Management
Time and Cost Inefficiencies with Reduced Accuracy
Delays in Monthly Closures and Reporting
Automation with Droid Tool:
Digital Transformation with Obot:
Streamline Multichannel Order Processing
Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Save 80-90% of Processing Time
Enhance Accuracy, Reduce Costs
Seamless Integration with ERP
Accelerate Order Fulfillment
Efficient Invoice Generation
Improved Order Visibility and Analytics
  • Cost Savings
  • Paperless Operations
  • ERP Compatibility
  • Streamlined Supply Chain
  • Data Flexibility
  • Proven Solution
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Data Sharing and Analytics

Covid-19 data submission to ICMR

Business Problem

Submission of Covid–19 data daily to ICMR portal (Indian govt. agency) was mandated for the organization and the same data was filled in the local in-house business system as well. This was duplication of efforts to take the same data and then submit to the ICMR portal.

Automation with Droid tool

Implementing and Configuring the Droid tool helped to automate submission of Covid–19 data to ICMR portal by directly fetching from client business application.

  • Avoid manual intervention for data submission to the ICMR government portal
  • Avoid duplicate efforts in this data submission
  • Save manpower by allocating different productive activity/work

Pricing analytics

Business Problem

When there are 2 different systems for sales with different vendor, chargeback and rebate would be separate for direct and indirect customers. Country managers and users wanted a single dashboard for sales and pricing analytics from both the systems. To pull information from different vendors, with the kind of enormity of business operations, manual process was cumbersome, error prone.

Droid Tool

Implementing the Droid tool helped to pull data automatically from 3PL system for analysis and then used for strategy, planning, amongst others.

  • Reduce time for interface implementation with 3PL
  • Cost effective
  • Country Head and decision-making team got a single dashboard to view all round details from various source which helped them for combination of data analysis and research and strategy execution

Data Integration with EDW (electronic data warehouse)

Business Problem

The enormous amount of data, the data of 40 countries and all stored in the IMS (Information management system).

Business users found it very difficult to pull data from this IMS and use for analysis. It was time-consuming task when pulling data for each country would take hours to generate file from the IMS.

Droid Tool

After allotting a data warehouse, and once configured, the implemented Droid tool helped to automatically connect with the IMS and pull data and load into EDW. And it was very simple and quick to generate data for analysis.

  • Time saving of business users
  • Different country data despite spread across, available on a single platform
  • Thus, easy availability of data
  • Business can slice and dice the data to generate analytical dashboard by comparison with competitor data

Pricing submission to Government Portal

Business Problem

As per government norms, business must submit the product prices on biweekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Government portal only allows single product price submission at a time which made the entire process for business users spend enormous time.

Droid Tool

Droid tool was so designed that helped business to automatically submit all prices by providing data in one excel file.

  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Avoid manual, repetitive tasks and reduce errors
  • Save business time and use for productive work

Tender Alerts

Business Problem

Each day, organization would navigate to Tender portal/s and set filters to fish out any new tender launch for products they sell. Or else, they must depend on vendors to send them notification about new tenders of their choice.

Droid Tool

Droid tool so designed helped business to automatically send alerts for any new tenders of their choice.

  • Business got automatic tender alerts on daily basis based on the criteria set for their choice of products or other configuration
  • Vendor dependency to send emails for new tenders reduced

EMA & MHRA XML download

Business Problem

In Pharmacovigilance (PV) operations, there is manual process for downloading the E2B R3 & R2 XMLs from regulatory agencies which is time and resource consuming.

Droid Tool

To avoid use of large amount of time and resources, configuring the Droid tool fully automated this manual operations.

  • Business got fully automated feature of E2B R2, R3 XML download
  • 100% fully automated setup with no manual intervention
  • Auto logins, auto download & auto unzipping of E2B R2, R3 XMLs successfully executed using this Droid tool

FTP integration

Business Problem

Business use a CRM system which has no interface to pull information from it, which made it difficult to use collectively with other data available in the EDW (electronic data warehouse) for analysis. Also, the said CRM only provided data in CSV file through FTP.

Droid Tool

Instead of using a FTP tool and download the CSV files and use for analysis, the Droid tool was configured such that it helped to transfer the CRM data from their FTP directly into EDW server.

  • Avoided any interface constraints
  • Easily migration of data in EDW for analysis

Extraction of Account details

Business Problem

Just with the account number on hand, to get other details, such as the address normally would involve traversing onto the portal and extract each detail manually. For such repeated, non-productive tasks, it was more and more tedious, frustrating and error prone for the organization.

Droid Tool

Introducing this Droid tool helped to automatically pull data from said portal with no manual intervention.

  • Avoided manual tasks and errors
  • Saved enormous business time

CSV (OQ-PQ Execution)

Business Problem

Implementing GxP compliant solutions is not just the release of the software code, but it also involves CSV (computer system validation) documentation and its successful execution, compiling the documents with evidence and then the release is complete. To generate OQ/PQ documents, it would consume considerable amount of time of QA/Project/Other users/teams. Also, it is repetitive task for every client setup.

Droid Tool

The BOT helped automate routine, repeated CSV tasks and operations; OQ & PQ execution with documented evidence & achieve operational efficiency across CSV cell.

  • Save time; for bigger project, the amount of time saved can be up to months
  • Avoided working on repetitive tasks
  • Increased Operational efficiency across CSV/Project departments

Reconciliation of 2 system

Business Problem

Sales and Finance systems are tightly bound together and if any sales information is not pushed to either system, it would have mismatch of data. And users would not have information (ones that is not pushed for use or even real time).

Droid Tool

The configured Droid tool helped to provide one consolidated file to analyze mismatch between the two systems.

  • Avoid manual activity of checking mismatch data between the two systems
  • Users can concentrate to solve the problem rather finding mismatched data between the two systems

HQ Growth Bot

Business Problem

To automatically send and receive data from SAP, this Droid tool was developed and deployed.

Droid Tool

This Droid tool extracted data from Sarjen’s HQGrowth portal and send it directly to SAP. And vice versa. That is, it also extracts information from SAP and load it into HQGrowth portal automatically or configured frequency.

  • Automation of data push and pull – retrieve and load into either system without any other SAP tools such as SAP PI/PO, BODS, etc.
  • Saves on costs with respect to SAP tools

Auto fetch Financial data

Business Problem

To get sales and invoice information from 3PL system, it was time consuming and costly to integrate with the SAP system.

Automation with Droid tool

Implementing the Droid tool helped to pull data of invoices and cash collection from 3PL system automatically.

  • Integration and data availability in real time
  • Reduced time for interface implementation with 3PL system
  • Cost effective


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